Chris Scott

Chris Scott – Artist

Chris was born and grew up in Cumbria in the North West of England.  He studied Fine Art and Public Art at the University of Sunderland.  He more recently studied Criminology at Canterbury Christ Church University.  For some time he embarked on careers in the Police and Prison Services and some of the experiences from these can be seen influencing his work today.
‘Untitled (Pigeon/Balloon)’ 2018
Chris was inspired to create this artwork after researching the history of WWI. It makes reference to the Zeppelin balloon which was shot down over Billericay and the use of pigeons to transport messages back and forth over enemy lines.  The work too represents life and death.  The pigeon is brought back to life through taxidermy and has the chance to fly again aided by the helium balloon, but like the cycle of life, as the balloon slowly deflates it will come back to earth.
‘Fragile Man’ 2018
Chris makes reference to the fragility of the human condition in all of us.  He was originally inspired to create his series of ‘Fragile Men’ inspiring debate around the fragility of human beings and war, but goes further, highlighting issues such as homelessness, mental health, bullying etc.
‘Life Cycle’ 2018
Chris carries on his ‘Fragility’ theme by wrapping bicycles in fragile tape.  He is a keen cyclist and a former police officer and highlights the vulnerability of cyclists.  We are taken on a journey through life, the bicycle is born wrapped as a present through to the mummification of the bicycle.
Chris’s work will be on display in Billericay Library.
Contact Chris:
M.   07946 162 192
F.   @Chris.Scott.Artist

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