Margaret Wilkins

Margaret Wilkins – Artist

Margaret’s aptitude for painting was recognised at Primary School and she attended Wimbledon School of Art where she studied drawing and painting on Saturdays.  Eventually, she had to choose between becoming an artist or becoming a musician, and after a struggle, chose the latter. 

During her adult working life she established an international reputation as a composer. 

Now that she is retired, she has had time to renew her in interest in painting.  After a gap of over 40 years she has picked up her brushes and palette knives again and she has enjoyed attending art classes with Mike Lloyd at the Adult Community Learning Centre, Bishop’s Hill, Brentwood, Essex.

Her paintings have been shown and bought in several local exhibition spaces. 
Margaret’s work will be on display at Paul Robinson Solicitors.

Contact Margaret:

W. (search for Margaret Lucy Wilkins for her music)

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