Important Information

When considering whether you wish to apply here’s some important information. Please do read it carefully. These details are also in the downloadable application form: 

  • Venues will be allocated to you and will be on or near the High Street.
  • Please submit examples of your work when applying even if you are working on new material for the Art Trail.  High resolution digital images are preferred but high quality photographs can be submitted.  We may use these images when designing our promotional materials as well as posting them on social media and our website.
  • You will be teamed with a local business (your Host Venue) to display your art.  Venues will usually display 3 or more works (dependent on venue size). You should agree the final number of pieces to be displayed with your Venue Host.
  • You must also supply one piece of work (already strung for hanging) for our central Hub exhibition which will be in Billericay Library.  Work that has not been strung will not be displayed.
  • Artworks must be suitable for general viewing.
  • All participating artists will be expected to help in the running of the Art Trail. This is needed during (and immediately before) TBAT.  You will be asked to distribute flyers, man exhibitions, help set up the Hub exhibition etc. 
  • Participating artists will be expected to contact their allocated venue early to agree the art to be exhibited and plan the hanging/installation of your work, making every effort to minimise disruption to their business.  As a courtesy, you will also be expected to set up and take down your exhibits promptly (suggested set up is Thursday 10th and take down Monday 5th October).
  • You have the option of selling any work exhibited.  We do NOT take any commission from sales.  You will need to clearly label and price your work.  We will send out a suggested label template a month before the Trail.
  • Please discuss with your Venue arrangements for selling your work (for example, they will generally be happy to take a note of any potential customer’s details but will not handle any sales or money for you).
  • You may wish to take out artists insurance for your artworks (offered by a number of insurers including the SAA – Society for all Artists).  The Billericay Art Trail is not liable for any damage sustained to your artworks throughout the whole event.
  • As a displaying artist, you are agreeing not to remove art works before the final day of the Trail without agreement from TBAT.  However, you can switch out your displayed art with suitable alternatives as you wish.  Artists who remove work before time without TBAT’s agreement may not be accepted for future Trails. This is because we have published the dates in our programme when art will be available to view by the public.
  • Please ensure buyers of your art are aware that they should not collect them until after the event has closed (unless you replace purchased art with suitable alternatives, ensuring that these are labelled and priced if for sale).
  • You must be able to certify that all work exhibited is unique and original to you.  If an artwork is a copy of another artist’s work, you should credit the original artist and agree that it can be reproduced for the purposes of promoting TBAT 2020 (social media & website).
  • You will need to provide a short paragraph about you and your work of approximately 50 words (this needs to be submitted by Tuesday 31st March).
  • Once you have been accepted to the Art Trail we will showcase some of your work on social media and our website.   The website will remain active after the Trail and you are welcome to showcase more of your work on it (until we re-populate it with art for the next year’s Trail).
  • For Trail Set up: if your artwork is intended to be hung (eg a painting), please make sure it’s capable of being hung ie framed (if appropriate) and with a string or wire attached.  If your piece is not for hanging eg a 3D sculpture, please make sure that it is capable of standing unsupported or provide a suitable plinth.
  • There will be an Art Trail Party on Friday 18th September to which you+1 will be invited (you will receive an invitation a few months in advance).
  • After the event you will receive a short questionnaire asking about your thoughts and experiences of the event and asking for ways to improve for the future.