Aimée Nicholls

Aimée Nicholls – Artist 

Aimée has just completed her second year at University where she is studying fine art.Her current works are taken from her university portfolio and are a reflection of social media pressures and of self-imprisionment.

Her painting ‘Scream’ marks the start of her journey.  The other two pieces are in oils and also represent women.

The ‘Scream’ (acrylic 50 x 70 cm) and ‘We are all pressured into a mould’ (58 x 81 cm) are on paper and framed.

The untitled pieces in oils (71 x 107 cm) is of a deadpan portrait, with Clingfilm over the face.  This represents the suffocation of today’s online pressures that affect young people.  It forms part of a larger triptych.


Instagram: @aimeejnicholls


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