Jeff Wiles

Jeff Wiles – Artist

Jeff sketches and paints figurative and abstract subjects producing large pieces of work.  His recent works mix architecture with people of different cultures and are loaded with symbolism and social comment.

‘Ballerina-Naked girl sitting’

The white background is not ‘empty space’ in this picture; it is a uniform space which is used as a metaphor for a fundamental Marxist Utopian Uniformity.  This is incompatible with the interruption of the surface by the hedonistic desire of a typical western media representation of the female form. The female herself sits uninterrupted, not less or more than any other object, as none are present, whilst conversely suspended in a state of the unparalleled, therefore in complete superiority over everything.

Is she herself in utopia or does she desire another to fulfil her hedonistic desire, or at least the opportunity for superiority over, or ownership of, someone or something else?  She does not suffer from the state of being the unaware girl being looked at for the pleasure of the voyeur, instead, she stares straight back at the viewer, confident, in control, whilst in an alluring pose, is this where her ultimate superiority resides?

The work itself raises these questions, but, as always, it is only the viewer who can interpret the answers.  Meanwhile on the lane of the aesthetic, the drawing itself is a finely crafted perspective rendition of the figure, the mark of the artist refining his craft in order to interpret and better understand form, using manual manipulation of materials as a tool to develop his consciousness of the environment around him, which is a substantial trait of the Marxist disciple.