Michelle Parsons

Michelle Parsons – Artist

MichelIe is a practising artist and art tutor, recently moved to Billericay from Brentwood.

She tutors a new art class on Wednesday evenings at The Fold, Billericay www.baathefold.org.uk.

She specialises in oil painting on canvas with pieces ranging in size from between 50 x 50cm and 100 x 120cm.  Michelle’s artworks for the trail are based on organic forms, predominately lobsters, fish, and crabs.

Close-up organic forms create an abstracted expressive surface based on space, light, colour and texture.  A sense of depth; blurred backgrounds and loose brushstrokes contrast with sharp detail and tighter representational mark-marking.

“The longer I paint, the more I realise that my work is all about the composition as a whole.  My style has an adaptive reverence for the subject and yet does not rely on it – elevating the forms with bright use of colour and mark-making. The resulting pieces are proud declarations of colour and expression.  Colour, depth, texture and contrast – does it matter if it looks like a lobster or a fish, not really?”

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For details of Michelle’s art class, see below her paintings!

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Billericay Arts Association
The Fold
72 Laindon Road
CM12 9LD

Tel: 01277 659286

Michelle’s Class Details

Tutor: Michelle Parsons
Wednesday evenings 7.30pm – 9.30 pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fees: Non member £64.00, Member £40.00

Whether you are a keen amateur or a total beginner, this class is aimed at increasing your confidence as an artist.  Starting with the basics, you will learn how to draw and paint and find your own style. Through a series of weekly simple tasks you will gain the confidence to become your ‘inner artist’.  This class is aimed at all abilities; by the end of the term all will be creating successful artworks.

What Will You Learn
Students will be taught the fundamental techniques of drawing and painting, such as line, shading, colour mixing, composition, scale and an understanding of form.
They will then proceed to painting, and will be taught colour-mixing techniques and painting application techniques.

What You Will Achieve 
The step-by-step nature of this art class will allow students to easily acquire and improve basic drawing and painting techniques. By the end of the course, students will have a solid comprehension of structure, mediums, and approaches in the 2-dimensional form, and the motivation and confidence to develop their new skills.


This class is aimed towards those with an interest in creating art but who may have never taken art classes, or for those who have taken art classes in the past and wish to revisit their passion.

These classes are also suitable for young people who are thinking of applying to art schools. If you wish to relax and have a bit of fun and learn about art, or are looking to find a creative way to invigorate your life after work, this is the class for you!

What Will I Need

The following is a guide only – bring at least one from each bullet point:

• An A5 or A4 spiral bound sketchbook
• Drawing pencils and/or graphite or charcoal
• Colouring pencils and/or chalk pastels or oil pastels
• Watercolours and/or acrylic or oil paint.
• Brushes, eraser, craft knife, masking tape,
• An A3 or A2 sketchbook (not spiral-bound) or good quality cartridge paper