We’re looking for a muse!

Have you ever thought of being a muse ?

The Billericay Art Trail needs a female portrait sitter. Could you be a muse ?

This year in the Billericay Art Trail we’re going to be running our first “Portrait Artist of the Year” Competition. 10 artists will be painting one of two portraits, one male, one female and both wearing the uniform or official clothes of their profession. We have the man – the amazing Rev. Dan Pierce has agreed to sit for us but we need a lady.

Here’s what you need to know…

* You need to be female. Sorry, but we’ve filled our male quota !

* You’ll need to be available from 10am to 3pm on Saturday 16th September.

* You’ll sit for 4 hours in St Mary Magdalen Church whilst 5 artists paint your portrait. Each hour there will be a 15 minute rest period where you can move and stretch.

* We need you to wear a professional uniform – perhaps a fireman, a nurse, a teacher with mortar board or a Police officer.

What we can offer in return ?

The Billericay Art Trail is a not-for-profit group so our funds are limited but we’ll make sure you have refreshments throughout – and you’ll have the honour of your likeness being painted by not one, not two, but 5 artists ! And who knows, your image could be the winner !

If you are interested or wish to discuss this further please message us.

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